🖨3d printed stool 🖨 2019

//3d print, 20*14 inch//

this piece of furniture is a 3d printed stool. within the size limits of the 3d printer, this stool is printed to hold structural weight without using any adhesive.
like a puzzle or legos, all the pieces are designed to match together using dry fit joinery. the stool interlocks itself by the joints that connect the pieces both by the x and y axis. 

     🖨 process 🖨

︎this is how the dry fit/ interlock joinery works

︎︎a long x-axis mortis goes through the lower part of the blocks while a long y-axis mortis goes through the upper part of the same bock. this allows for all the pieces to interlock to each other and stand on its own as a single piece. 

︎︎1/4 of the stool 

︎︎alternated 1/4 of the stool.
the legs are also segmented, connected with mortis and tenon joints.

︎︎ghost view.