💐 cnc baroque chair 💐 2020

//blue foam, gesso 27*12 inch//


Kitsch is often defined as being overly ornamental, only being about the aesthetic experience.

Some of the form is reminiscent of baroque art, with the floral ornaments. Some of it is reminiscent of Greek marble sculptures like the Venus, making one imagine what it would look colored. Yet the block form shows a very Modern aesthetic. The object is ambiguous, maybe full of historical references yet not historically significant at all, almost to a point of disrespect. The experience one takes with the object is purely about the facade or the aesthetics.

What adds to this experience is being aware/ or not being aware of the process. Although it mimics past art movements, the process is simply CNC'd : inputting a file into a machine and clicking a button. Additionally the chair is made of blue foam, a material used for model making and prototyping, where the assumption and context of the material being used is for a model rather than an actual artifact.

The blue foam is painted white- where greek sculptures were originally painted, later revealing the insides to be white marbel due to the passing of times, the originally blue chair is painted white,  mimicking the passing of time. Another humorous layer is the choice of it being a chair. It works backward from the origin of kitsch- a very modern term- ‘to make furniture antique’ into an object in the past.


︎︎3dm files of the patterns

︎︎cnc router machine cutting the files

︎︎patterned facades

︎︎gesso coloring the blue foam

︎︎blue foam chair put together