//conceptual headphones (left), headphone case (righ) designed for crocs x sennheiser//

Observation Research

Despite their reputation for being somewhat ugly but accessible, crocs has been a successful brand- and is capable of collaborating with a variety of other brands including high end brands even like balenciaga.
Therefore, it would be very likely that crocs would be able to collaborate with high end headphone brands like sennheiser.
I wanted the collaboration to be function derived- to create headphones that are conventional- but still keep their formal values in the product.

To keep the formal values, I decided to make the headphone case crocs-like.
Crocs has also been advertising their products with hashtags with the intention of wanting to get it viral or make it a trend like #findyourfun.
Therefore, I decided to do something similar to that with the connection between hearing and footwear- #hearyourcrocs
I also wanted the renderings to embody the hashtag/ trendy idea #hearyourcrocs, therefore, used lighter colors and a composition with movement.

Inspiration/ Moodboard

Modeling/ Rhino

Working Drawings

Prototyping/ 3D Printing


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