🚧 metal-screw modular system 🚧 2019

//sheet metal, nuts and bolts, 10*1.5 inch//

this piece is a modular system capable of playing and creating furniture.
the single module is a 10 by 1.5-inch metal sheet that when assembled and repeated, can expand, contract, and structure. the module has three holes that can be screwed in to weave/ connect with other parts.

every design is made repeating the same piece

     🚧 process 🚧

︎︎the system consists of a single module

one key concept was simplicity : simplicity in a system allows space for accessibility; simplicity reduces limits and allows for creativity. i wanted the system to be easy to understand but capable of creating complex ideas.
nuts and bolts are used for the connection method.
nuts and bolts are easy. easy to function, as well as the object itself has a strong context in society that many, when encountered, know how to work with it. this allows accessibility to the system. 

︎︎replicating and assembling the module creates configurations of the following